Dead Synchronicity: TCT v2.0 APK

Size: 1.3 Gb | Android: 4.1 & higher

Michael woke up, not knowing who he was or what was happening around him. A strange plague drives people into distrust and despair. The pathetic remains of civilization live under the iron fist of the military.

Help Michael to save himself from his own crumbling reality.Face a sick, merciless world that seems doomed. A world, where past, present and future ceased to exist.
Hurry!• Space-time paradoxes, a dystopian atmosphere… and a dark, bloody plot
• Classic adventure-gameplay
• 2D-visuals in a unique, expressionistic style
• Soundtrack by the Indie-Rockband Kovalski
• “Guybrush meets Mad Max meets 12 Monkeys”

Download both files instal apk copy obb to android/obb launch the game

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