SaveAs to SDCard v1.0.3 APK

Size: 65 Kb | Android: 2.2 & Higher

This app allows you to save files using the share function. Ideal for saving facebook images direct to your phone without the need to e-mail them to yourself. This app intagrates into the share function so that wherever you see the share button, you can save the image to your SD Card.

To use this app goto the image you would like to save. Click menu and then share. In the share menu you will see Save to SD Card. The image will be saved on your SDCard. The image will then be avaliable in your gallery.

If files saved fail to show you may need to reboot your device. Future saves should then appier ok. Most devices do not require a reboot, unfortunatly, some do.

What’s New:
Thanks for the great feedback. We’ve added a share button for thoes of you that would like to recommend this application to your friends or post to a blog, facebook etc.

Download APK: [button size=”normal” type=”info” value=”Download” href=””]

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